Server Transfer for the Guild

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Server Transfer for the Guild

Post  Sigimund on Wed Nov 26, 2008 12:36 am


Because of the low population issues on the server called on by Mystic, the leadership has decided to move the Guild to the Badlands server, this is a free transfer avable when you log in, please keep here for updates on information on the move, any questions please check with Gilwin, Cedrich and or Sigimund

Also the guild name will be changing to Bretonnian Cavalry so check here to keep up with transfer information.

We will spend our lives fighting to secure this Imperium, and the I fear we will spend the rest of our days fighting to keep it intact. There is such involving darkness amongest the stars. Even when the Imperium is complete, there will be no peace. We will be obliged to fight on to preserve what we have fought to establish. Peace is a vain wish. Our crusade may one day adopt another name, but it will never truely end. In the far future, there will be only war.

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