Addons on War

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Addons on War

Post  Sighter on Sun Nov 02, 2008 3:39 am

If you have experience playing WoW then you know what im talking about. For the people who don't know, their just things that improve your game play/experience and so on, its just fun having them since it makes the game simpler and fun.

Will I get banned for using them?

As long as your addons don't exploit the game in anyway (commonly, but incorrectly, called" hacks"), you are fine.

Where do I get addons?

How do I install them?

you'll need to create a file path for manual installation

Go into your Warhammer folder and create a folder called "Interface"

Once that folder is created, open it up and create a folder called "AddOns"

It is in this folder ("AddOns") that you place your addon file folders.
For example, I can extract the "LibSlash" (an addon) folder from the ZIP file I downloaded and place it in
in the "AddOns" folder.

And there you go.

I.E. - My Interface

Note:First thing you should probably grab is LibSlash since most addons needs it so they can work.

Hope this guide helps.
Guide mostly ripped off from this post


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Re: Addons on War

Post  elyhir on Thu Nov 13, 2008 2:08 pm

Ah thanks! I was looking for the install instructions since they aren't posted anymore.


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